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Sashisena & Nimuhi Temple, Sonepur, Subarnapur

Sashisena temple (Nimuhi Temple) is situated 1 km from Sonepur Town. It is one of the famous temples Subarnapur is popularly known as Nimuchi Deula. It is a centre of Buddhist culture, having stone images of Buddhist heritage. The temple was built in memory of the immortal love of Aahimanikya, the son of Amravati state Princess Shashisena and Subarnapur state minister in 1902-1937 AD. There is no entrance to the temple, which is known as Nimuchi Deula in the regional language. 

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Gundicha & Nursinghanath Temple, Subarnapur

The Gundicha temple is situated about 01 km from Sonepur town. The Nursinghanath temple of Sonepur is known as the Gundicha mandir. It is the Highest monument of Sonepur representing the Last flicker of the Chouhan dynasty. This is 90 feet high and the highest temple in western Odisha built by Rani Gundicha Devi wife of Raja Prithviraj Singh Deo. Previous Next

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Rameswar Temple, Sonepur, Subarnapur

Rameswar Temple is 3 km away from Sonepur. It is situated on the confluence of the river Mahanadi and Tel River. It is a beautiful Saiva Pitha like Subarnameru. This temple consists of a sanctum, a Jagnmohan and Natamandap in the style of the Lingaraj temple of Bhubaneswar. The period of construction of the temple is about the 18th century AD. The lingam of the temple is very old. Legend associates Lord Ram with its installation. Lord Kartik and Ganesh…

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Kapileswar Temple, Subarnapur

Kapileswar temple is situated at a 4 km distance from Binika near Charda and is 32 km away from Sonepur. Kapileswar Mahadev is the presiding deity of this place. This temple comparatively like the Baidyanath temple with exquisite workmanship belongs to Anangabhima Dev III in the 13th century AD. Throughout the year devotees come here to worship Lord Mahadev. Previous Next

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