Nabarangpur is at a distance of 565 km from Bhubaneswar and 65 km from Koraput. The Nabarangpur has covered with hills & dense forest. Most of the inhabitants of Nabarangpur are belongs to the tribal class, and they live on agriculture and forest goods. Nabarangpur District is a treasure of many natural resources like iron, chlorite, mica, quartz. Nabarangpur is famous for Saidhara Waterfall, Ambapani Wildlife sanctuary, Deer Park, Pendrani Temple, Bhandara Gharani Temple, Hirli Dongri, Hill Park, Sahid Smruti Stambha, Chandandhara Waterfalls are the Best tourist places in Nabarangpur.

The Nabarangpur District covers an area of 5294 sq. Km. As per the 2011 census, the total population of the District is 12,20,946. The male population is 6,04,812, and the female population is 6,16,134. The Nabrangpur District has one subdivision, 885 Villages, 169 Gram Panchayats, 10 Tahasils and 10 Blocks, 2 Municipality, 1 N.A.C, 4 Assembly Constituency and 12 Police stations are there in Nabarangpur District.

Saidhara Waterfall is located around 8 km from the distance from Jharigaon and 27 km from Umerkote, and 68 km away from Nabrangpur town. The Sai Dhara waterfall is surrounded by the greenery view it’s breathtaking. Thousands of visitors are attracted to the natural Stream, dense and green forests. Sai Dhara fall is a Popular waterfall in Nabrangpur District.  It is best for Picnic, Excursion & Weekend holidays in the winter season. Sai Dhara Waterfall is one of the Tourist places in Nabrangpur District, Odisha.

The Ambapani wildlife sanctuary is located near Nabarangapur and Kalahandi border. Ambapani sanctuary is surrounded by green forests and beautiful waterfalls. The sanctuary shelter many animals like Tiger deer, Sambar, elephants and many more. The environment of the place is pleasant and also the most attraction for touristy. It is a wonderful place to do trekking and mountain climbing. There is a Ghumareswar temple has located beneath the Ambapani mountain. The beautiful natural environment and the wondrous sound of the waterfall attract the visiter during winter. Ambapani wildlife sanctuary is one of the tourist attraction places in the Nabrangpur, Odisha.

Deer Park is located 10 km from Nabarangpur towards Papadahandi. The park is 30-year old. Watching Natures bounties from the watchtower in this park is a unique experience. The Deer Park is spread over an acre of land and houses 130 deer, including 63 female deer. In the Nabarangpur district, the deer park is the main attraction. A large number of tourists come here to see it. There is a beautiful child park placed in the deer park. In addition to deer, the park also has peacocks and Rabbits. It is the best picnic spot for picnickers to come to the place during winter. 

Maa Pendrani temple is situated inside Umerkote town and is around 70 km from the District headquarter of Nabarangpur. Maa Pendrani is the presiding deity of the place. The main festival of this place is Thakurani Jatra in the month of Chaitra, and a large number of devotees gather here to observe the function. The festival sees men playing the role of the Goddess to signify male subjugation and compensate for the injustice inflicted on Maa Pendrani before she achieved divinity. Maa Pendrani temple is one of the famous temple & tourist places in Nabarangpur, Odisha.

Maa Bhandara Gharani temple is situated inside the Nabarangpur town. Maa Bhandar Gharani is the shrining deity of the place worshipped by the Adivasi and local people. It is one of the Shakti Pitha in Odisha. Dussehra(Durga puja), kali puja and Maha Bisuva Sankranti are the main festivals of Maa Bhandar Gharani. The scenic beauty of this place is attractive due to adjacent hills and dense forest. Maa Bhandara Gharani mandir is one of the famous temples in Nabarangpur District.

The Hirli Dongri is situated top of the hill. It is around 2 km from Nabarangpur town, where an ancient statue of Lord Balaji was found and is now worshipped by locals. Kusumjhar reserve has situated Near the Hirli Dongri. Hill view park is the major attraction of Hirli Dongri with the watchtower, children park and Gym. There is a beautiful park in Hirli Dongri, which attracts visitors to come here. The best time to visit this place is early morning or sunset time. Hirli Dongri is one of the most famous and attractive picnic spots for tourists. 

The Sahid Smruti Stambha is situated at the bank of the river Tuni near Papadahandi. The Smrutistamba is 12 km away from Nabarangpur. During the Quit India Movement on 24 August 1942, 19 freedom fighters died while fighting with British soldiers during the march towards Dabugam under the leadership of Madhab Pradhan. Smruti Stambha was constructed to keep it in memory of Sahid. Sahid Divas is observed Every year on 24 August. The spot still commemorates the freedom-loving people of the by gone era.

Chandandhara Waterfall is situated in Jharigam Block and is 60 Km away from Nabarangpur Town. Chandan Dhara waterfall has surrounded by dense forest and hills. The scenic beauty of the Chandandhara waterfall is so beautiful that tourists have come to see the waterfall in the winter. The place is also remarkable for a natural Shiva Lingam. The tourist can enjoy the superb scenery of the waterfall in Mahashivaratri. The eternal beauty of nature is breathtaking here. Chandan Dhara Waterfall is one of the best tourist places in Nabarangpur, Odisha

Podagad is 11 KM From Umerkote and around 78 km from Nabarangpur town. It was the capital of the ancient Nala Dynasty. The hill ranges of Podagad infested with deep forests preserve the remains of the ruling dynasties. Their caves, usable, inscriptions and habitable rock structures indicate that before the invasion of Mughals. Punjisil waterfall is located about 5 km distance from Podagad. Podagad is a tourist attraction near Umerkote in the Nabarangpur district.

Ghumareswar Temple is situated on a hill about 32 km distance from Nabarangpur city. In this temple, Lord Shiva is worshipped inside a rock cave, and a short distance away is the temple of Goddess Parvati. After climbing about 100 steps, one can reach the Ghumureswar temple. Mahashivratri is the famous festival of this temple. Throughout the year devotees from different parts of Odisha come here to worship Lord Ghumareswar Mahadev. Another attraction of this place is the Ghumurswar Falls near the Shiva Temple. A large number of tourists come here for a picnic. Ghumareswar Temple and waterfall is a popular tourist attractions places in Nabarangpur, Odisha.

Bhairaghumar Waterfall is located inside the Ambapani Sanctuary near the border of Odisha and Chhattisgarh and is 16 km distance from Chandahandi and 100 km from Nabarangpur. The height of Bhairaghumar Waterfall is around 150 feet, which is surrounded by dense forest. The waterfall appears after a 2-3 km hill trek to reach this place. The adventure of the waterfall and the environment is enjoyable. The beautiful waterfall flows from the top of the hill, which is Best for bathing. Kuhudi Bhairaghumar Waterfall is one of the highest waterfall & tourist places in Nabarangpur, Odisha

Mangardora Shiva temple, park and Ghumar Waterfall are located located in Benakhamar Reserve Forest and is about 7 km distance from Tentulikhunti and 31 km from Nabarangpur. Lord Shiva is worshipped as Neelkanteshwar inside a cave. There are a beautiful Park and Ghumar Waterfall near the temple cave. Mangardora is a best Tourist attraction places in Nabarangpur District. Magardora shiva temple is surrounded by hills and forests, which attracts tourists to come here. A large number of tourists come to visit this Shiva temple apart from the main festival of Maha Shiva Ratri and New Year’s Day. Mangardora temple and Ghumar Waterfall are the best places to visit in Nabarangpur, Odisha