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Odisha Tourist & Tourism Places Located in the eastern part of India, Odisha is famous for Unique Culture, Rich Heritage, Glorious History, thousands of temple including other religious places, wildlife adventure, natural scenic spots, beautiful sea beacheswaterfallshill stations, sky touching mountains, ancient royal palaces, spiritual and historical places, mesmerizing landscapes, attract tourists and visitors to fulfil their expectations when visiting Odisha. It is an amazing place to tour that enthrals the visitors with sheer scenic beauty and architectural masterpieces. The budget for food and hotels is cheaper in comparison with any other place in India. Visit Odisha Tourist & Tourism Places









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Odisha is a state situated on the eastern coast of India along with the Bay of Bengal. It is a land of visitors paradise. Odisha is a land of Hindu Temples. The state has made it a unique tourism attraction for the tourist, scholars, Indologists and others. Buddha is still found now in the Relics of RatnagiriLalitgiri, Udayagiri, Khandagiri. Odisha has a long coastal area of 480 km with beautiful sea beaches like Gopalpur, Puri, Paradeep, Chandbali, Satabhaya. Odisha promises wonderful experiences of rich wildlife, rivers, lakes, creeks, waterfalls, hot springs, hills, forests, sea beaches.

The Odisha is an old antiquities magnificent monuments exquisite art of handicrafts. Moreover, the rich tradition of excellent hand looms works, enchanting music, graceful dance, colourful fairs, famous festivals makes Odisha alluring Indians and foreign tourists. The woodland of Odisha is full of a wonderful Wildlife Sanctuary. The government has built many wildlife sanctuaries and parks. Odisha was once called Utkala, which means the land of wonderful art. The weavers of Odisha are world-famous for the lovely weaves they create.