Ratnagiri Monastery, Buddhist Monuments, Jajpur

Ratnagiri Monastery is the hill of jewels in the district of Jajpur is situated on an isolated hill of the Asia range. It is 90 km from Bhubaneswar through NH No 5 and forms the Buddhist diamond triangle comprising two other sites of Buddhist remains are situated atop a flat hillock sandwiched between the river Brahmins of Birupa. It was first noticed by then sub-divisional officer Jajpur MM Chakravarti in the year 1905. The Excavation at this site brought to light the remains of a magnificent Buddhist establishment, consisting of a stupa. Monastic complexes shrines, votive stupas myriad of sculptures architectural fragments and other antiquities which aptly comparable to Nalanda of Bihar.

Hiuen Tsang the Chinese pilgrim who visited Odisha during 639 AD wrote in his travelling report on Indika that Ratnagiri is a flouring state of Buddhism and Buddhist culture centre Besides on the basic of sealings bearing the legend Sri Ratnagiri Mahaviharya Samagra Arya Bhikhsu Sanghasya”. The place has been identified as Ratnagiri however it is a famous Buddhist archaeological heritage not only in Odisha but in India. A newly constructed museum is in 1997 to the north-west corner of the hillock which attracts the visitors more and more. However, the construction activities of Ratnagiri got special importance under the royal patronage of the Bhoumakar during his reign 9th to 10th century AD.

There are many old Buddhist statues and in the museum, you can see the old tools and many interesting stone works. Ratnagiri hillside area surrounded by some village and rural area, of Jajpur district. People are celebrating many functions and celebrations with lots of joy. Ratnagiri Monastery is also a part of Odisha tourism, the natural beauty of Odisha.