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Asurghati Waterfall, Rairangpur, Mayurbhanj 

Asurghati Waterfall is located about 23 km distance from Rairangpur and 98 km from Baribada town. The jungle and small ghat road give you a thrill and adventure. It is a small waterfall, but this place is full of many beauties. The way to the top of the waterfall has an amazing spiral way, and It will feel like a short trek as you climb to the top of the falls. It is a beautiful natural place to spend leisure time with family & friends. The best time to visit…

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Khambeswari Waterfall, Kantamunda, Sundargarh

Khambeswari Waterfall is located in Kantamunda of Bamra-Gangpur forest in Sundergarh district. It is about 109 km from Rourkela and 102 km from Sambalpur town. This magnificent waterfall is a natural beauty surrounded by hills and green forests. It is a hidden waterfall, which has to climb a hilly road of about 2 km trek to reach. The water of this Khambeswari waterfall flows through the springs from the top of the Hills. There is no good road to Khambeswari waterfall, so don't take small children to this place.  The…

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Talamiting Waterfall, Kakiriguma, Koraput

Talamiting Waterfall is located about 10 km distance from Kakiriguma and 50 km from Koraput City. This beautiful waterfall flows through the hills amidst natural beauty. The sweet chirping of the birds in the Hills and the roaring sound of the stream give this place a special place. The height of Talamiting Waterfall is about 100 feet. This waterfall picnic spot has good connectivity, you can reach it conveniently.  The adventure of the waterfall and the environment is enjoyable. The scenic beauty of the Talamiting Fall is so beautiful that…

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Machha Kandana Waterfall, Udala, Mayurbhanj

Machha Kandana Waterfall is located inside the Similipal National Park. It is 18 km distance from Udala and 63 km from Baripada. The waterfall appears after a 2-3 km hill trek to reach this place. The water of Machhakandana waterfalls cascades down through the hills and forests. The place is charming and peaceful with waterfalls and dense forest, and the water of this waterfall is pure so you can bathe there.   The Machhakandana waterfall is visible about a kilometre from the parking lot. Winter is the perfect time to have…

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