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Machha Kandana Waterfall, Udala, Mayurbhanj

Machha Kandana Waterfall is located inside the Similipal National Park. It is 18 km distance from Udala and 63 km from Baripada. The waterfall appears after a 2-3 km hill trek to reach this place. The water of Machhakandana waterfalls cascades down through the hills and forests. The place is charming and peaceful with waterfalls and dense forest, and the water of this waterfall is pure so you can bathe there.   The Machhakandana waterfall is visible about a kilometre from the parking lot. Winter is the perfect time to have…

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Samibrukhya Hills, Kaptipada, Mayurbhanj

Samibrukhya Hills is located at Debala and is about 63 km distance from Baripada town. Samibrukhya is a vertical rock whose height is about 500 feet. This place is associated with mythology. According to Mythology, the Pandavas along with Draupadi at the time of their Aagyatvas visited this place and hid their weapons in the the branches of this sacred tree. Now this tree is found in Pruthimanikani Hills. There is good communication going to Samibrukhya Hills.  Bhim maces, bows and arrows made of concrete can be seen at the…

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Kapadgadi waterfall, Gayalmara, Mayurbhanj

Kapadgadi waterfall is located about 6 km distance from Kaptipada and 59 km from Baripada town. This beautiful Waterfall is surrounded by forest and hills. The water of this Kapadgadi waterfall flows through the springs from the top of the Hills. A large number of tourists come here in the winter for picnics and group Feast at the Kapadgadi Falls. There is good communication to get to this place. Kapadgadi waterfall is a tourist attraction places in the Mayurbhanj District. Other Services Destination Attractions, Destination Facilities, Transportation, Accessibility, How to…

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Belgadia Palace, Baripada, Mayurbhanj

Belgadia Palace is situated near Baripada town in the Mayurbhanj district. The palace was Built-in in the 1800s in the Victorian architectural style with elements of Georgian decor, It was envisioned as a property for visiting foreign dignitaries, and guests of the royal family of Mayurbhanj. During the merger of the princely state to the Union of India, the property was titled palace to pay homage to the royal family that moved into it post-independence as their primary residence. Tucked away in the quaint heritage town of Baripada in Mayurbhanj,…

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