The Pradhanpat waterfall is a famous picnic spot having natural panorama it is just 1 km away from Deogarh district .having strong religious significance and reach cultural heritage with the presence of Saktipitha of Maa Pradhani and the temple of lord Chamkeswar. It is one the most peace full and pleasure zone for all kind of visitor and tourist. Pradhanpat picnic spot is a top tourist attraction in Deogarh district.

Jagannath Temple Is the oldest temple among all temples in Deogarh District which was built in the year of 1705 the artist glory remarkable structure and style of ancient Kalinga. Temple architectures attract the visitor and tourist to come here. The most famous festival of this temple is a car festival. Jagannath Mandir is one of the famous temples in Deogarh district. 

Katasar ghat shiva temple is situated around 40 km from Deogarh. It is surrounded by dense forest and a natural streams flowing inside two temple premises Banadurga temple and Lord Shiva temple. Visitors and tourist come here to enjoy the peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. Katasar ghat is one of the most famous temples in Deogarh district.

Gohira dam is situated around 20 km away from Deogarh town there is idol picnic spot known as Gohira dam. The construction of the project was started in 1977 and was Total completed by 1985. it is very well-known from the aspect of tourism and water Rescores project. Lord shiv temple constructed near the dam. Gohira picnic spot is a Best Tourist places in Deogarh District

The famous tourist spot Daragadi stream is situated around 70 km from Deogarh in Tensara village. The natural stream, dense and thick forest and high mountain attract thousands of visitors a tourist place. The mountains touching the blue sky and murmuring sound of Daragadi stream is the scenic nature is really amazing and enjoyable. Best Tourist places in Deogarh, Odisha

Kurudkut Waterfall is situated around 2.5 km away from Deogarh. This waterfall is the Second waterfall of Deogarh dist. that generate hydroelectric energy which is first of the kind in Odisha. The beautiful natural atmosphere and the amazing sound of the waterfall attract to the visiter and picnic rush the spot during winter. It is also famous for trekking. Kurudkote Waterfall is a Best Tourist places in Deogarh

Kailash Palace is situated 15 km away from Deogarh town Odisha .the resort was built by raja Dibya Sankar dev in the year of 1919. The state govt of Odisha this place as an ecotourism site. This place is surrounded by beautiful natural sites. There are many heritage building inside hills and mountain. Kailash Palace is tourist attraction place in Deogarh district.

Olata Bata is about 2 km from Deogarh Bus Stand and 230 km from Bhubaneswar. The Olata Bata, a giant ficus tree located in the Purunagada. The inverted leaves of this tree bear religious sanctity and are considered a strange botanical phenomenon.

The temple is easily accessible from Private Bus Stand of Deogarh. It is situated at a distance of 3 Kms to the left of N.H – 200 under the Chikini Ghati approachable by all-season roads. The temple was constructed by Deba Durllav Deb, a scion of the royal family during the rule of Raja Brajasundar Deb in the year 1854 and is one of the oldest temples of Bamanda. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva. Jhadeswar Mandir is one of the most famous temples in Deogarh District.

Deojharan falls is located inside a dense forest in Reamal Block at a distance of 16 Kms from Deogarh Town, Deojharan – springs is a popular picnic spot. The scenic surrounding and flowing stream present an inviting atmosphere during winter. According to local lore, this place in the dense forest was the camping ground of the forces of Bamanda. Best Tourist places in Deogarh

The Kalajira Minor Irrigation Project and Godavari Lake were constructed at Ballam at a distance of 16 Kms from Deogarh town in the year 1891. Godavari Lake offers a peaceful ambience to the visitors. During winter some migratory birds come to the lake. Besides, Raja Satchidananda Tribhuban Deb has constructed one temple and one Dak-Bungalow on a hillside which depicts the deep legacy of Indian Culture and tradition.

It is a dam constructed by the king of Bamanda Sir Basudeb Sudhal Deb in the year 1869 to 1875 over river Motuali near Saruali village in Barkote Block of this District. The dam wall was constructed with locally found rocks. It is around 56 Kilometer from Deogarh Town. Best Tourist places in Deogarh

The present palace was built by Raja Sir Basudeb Sudhal Deb in the year 1896 and remains in the use of the former royals of Ganga dynasty. The palace is a huge structure and within its walls are located the royal residential quarters, recreation hall, residential offices, storehouses, guest accommodation,

A little above Basant Nivas is located Lalit Basant in the serene surrounding of the Padhanpat hills. This too was built by Raja Satchidananda Tribhuban Deb in the year 1910 to accommodate royal personalities. The architectural design is similar to that of Basant Nivas and a visit obtains a better view of the valley and the town 

Built-in the year 1920 by Raja Dibya Sankar Deb in the memory of his father Raja Satchidananda Tribhuban Deb, a renowned poet and man of scientific ideas. He was fond of learned discourse and used to organise weekly seminars on both the soft subjects of arts and of hardcore science among intellectuals. 

The text of the Aksharsila rock inscription has been deciphered by some scholars of Bamanda as Bichhitra Srayana and Bichitra Bhusanashya. The rock inscription due to ignorance, negligence and lack of protection has been vandalised. If it is not properly protected, it is likely to get totally obliterated causing loss to the heritage of Deogarh district.


Deogarh is situated 98 km away to the east of Sambalpur on the NH no 6. previous it was the capital of the Ex-state of Bamara. This district has been gifted in the form of mountains, springs, falls, forests, a clean atmosphere and a rich collection of flora and fauna. This district is full of green hills and waterfalls which looks very beautiful. Pradhanpart waterfall of Deogarh is very beautiful and attract visitors once more. Besides this, it is a religious place.

Lord Gopinath. Gokarna and Jagannathan are here and worshipped. The beautiful place of ex-king Bambara is still here and looks very attractive. Over and above the old library in Odisha. Deogarh is 280 km away from Bhubaneswar Rambha Devi is the presiding goddess of Kondha and Bhuyans, Gohira Dam Project is a very attractive place for visitors. Koradakot waterfall of Deogarh is very beautiful. Best Tourist places in Deogarh

The Deogarh District covers an area of 2781 sq. Km. As per the 2011 census, the total population of the District is 3,12,520 with the total male population as 1,58,230 and female population as 1,54,290. The Deogarh District has 1 subdivision, 744 Villages, 70 Gram Panchayats, 03 Tahasils and 03 Blocks, 1 Municipality, 1 N.A.C, 1 Assembly Constituency and Police stations are there in the Deogarh District.