Satchidananda Library, Deogarh

Satchidananda Library was Built-in the year 1920 by Raja Dibya Sankar Deb in memory of his father Raja Satchidananda Tribhuban Deb, a renowned poet and man of scientific ideas. He was fond of learned discourse and used to organise weekly seminars on both the soft subjects of arts and of hardcore science among intellectuals. He donated his personal collection of books to the public library to develop the habit of reading and learning among people. He had set up a laboratory in the palace for experiments in mechanics and metallurgy. The present structure represents his fondness for higher learning in Bamanda.

The library building stands as a witness to the intellectual pursuit the royal fostered and thus Deogarh came to be known as Buddh Hansa Kelisar. There are 10301 books in the public library and hundreds of regular readers use these assets for reading and research work. The library has become a knowledge Park for the people of Deogarh. Plenty of valuable books can be found in the library. It was inaugurated on 25.02.1920 during the period of Raja Dibya Shankar Deb by the Britsh Political Agent stationed at Sambalpur. The Satchidananda Library is under the management of the Information and Public Relation Department, Government of Odisha locally supervised and maintained by the District Information and Public Relations Officer. (Source)

Satchidananda Library