Baba Jhadeswar Temple, Deogarh

Baba Jhadeswar Temple has situated 3 km away from Deogarh Town. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva. The Lingam or the phallic icon is “Swayambhu‟ (natural formation) and not implanted. The temple was built by Deba Durllav Deb, a scion of the royal family during the rule of Raja Brajasundar Deb in the year 1854. It is one of the oldest temples of Bamanda, Deogarh. The temple has constructed following the architectural pattern of the Kalinga style of temples.

There is a legend attached to this temple about the discovery of the Shiva Lingam and has almost become folklore. One day Deba Durllav Deb went to the forest for hunting. On sighting a herd of spotted deer he strung an arrow and shot. He missed the target. But surprisingly the arrow struck a phallic stone and streams of blood oozed out nonstop. At night Deba Durllav Deb had a dream in which Lord Shiva Lingam appeared and ordained that the place is his abode and a temple may be erected for worship. A temple came up, being situated in the forest. The presiding deity was named Jhadeshwar and this temple is considered a Siddha-Pitha, receiving people from all over Odisha to worship lord Baba Jhadeswar and Maa Bhairabi for the fulfilment of their desire. Baba Jhadeswar Temple is one of the most popular tourist places in Deogarh District.  (Source)