Astashambhu Temple, Kualo, Dhenkanal

Astashambhu Temple is situated at Kualo. It is 72 km from Dhenkanal. Lord Shiva presiding deity of these temples. Lord Kanakeswar, Baidyanath, Paschimeswar, Balunkeswar and Lord Kapileswar is worshipped in Astashambhu Temple. The Kanakeswar is about 24 meters high and preserves some of the earliest sculptures representing ancient temple building activities in Odisha. The name of this temple is ASTASHAMBHU” because eight Shiva Lingas are worshipped here. Locals say the Ashtashambhu temple is a 1,000-year-old temple. Mahashivratri is the main festival of the temple, and a large number of devotees come to celebrate the festival with much fanfare. Kualo Astashambhu Temple is one of the famous Shaiva Pitha in Odisha.