Joranda Mahima Temple & Sunya Mandir, Dhenkanal

Mahima Sunya Mandir is situated at Joranda and a distanse of 24 km away from Dhenkanal and 85 km from Cuttack. There is a temple of Mahima Swami called Samadhi Pitha of 96 feet high. Mahima Swami was the Profounder of Mahima Dharma Besides, Surrounding consists of Sunyamandir, Gadi Mandir and Dhuni Mandir. In the memory of Mahima Swami, a fair is held here every year on the day of Magha Purnima called Agniutsav. Lakhs of people with followers of Mahima dharma gathers here to enjoy the function. Jornada is a place, where no caste bar all religions visit the temple take part in the festival. It is a famous place Mahima Swami of Mahima Dharma. Joranda Mahima Sunya Mandir is a best tourist place in Dhenkanal.