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Mahatma Gandhi Ausodhiya Aranya, Sogar, Dhenkanal

Asia's largest medicinal forest is located in Sogar and is 17 km distance from Dhenkanal town. The site previously had very few medicinal plants and was redeveloped in 2010 to increase it. The area of this forest is 703 acres, of which 484 acres are forest land and 219 acres are revenue land. The garden has about 40 thousand lime trees like Similipal and Gandhamardhan forest and many trees like sandalwood, basan sandalwood, blood sandalwood, white sandalwood, Doli Sandalwood, gooseberry, Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia Bellirica, Mango, Guava, Ashwagandha. Mahatma Gandhi Ausodhiya…

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Dadaraghati Dam, Reservoir, Dhenkanal

The Dadaraghati Dam is located within the Kamakhya Forest Range and is about 25 km distance from Talcher and 75 km from the town of Dhenkanal. It is a medium irrigation project built for water conservation. The Reservoir is surrounded by hills and forests. The place is Attracts tourists to come here in winter for a beautiful natural environment. It is a good place for a weekend picnic in the winter season.   There is a Dadaraghati picnic spot just 1 km from the dam where tourists come for a picnic. Winter is…

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Naganatheswar Shiva Temple, Dhenkanal

Naganatheswar temple is situated 20 km from Dhenkanal Town. Lord Shiva is worshipped in this temple. It is one of the 12 Yotir Lingas. One of the Yotir Linga is in the Daruka Neem forest. It is the most ancient Shiva temple in Odisha. The temple was built during the reign of the Keshari dynasty. Naganatheswar temple is one of the tourist places in Dhenkanal.

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Tapoban Mahima Ashram, Kapilash Hill, Dhenkanal

Tapoban Mahima Ashram is situated on top of the Kapilash hill and is about 20 km away from Dhenkanal town. This place is devoted to Mahima dharma. The ashram falls after walking about 4-5 km up the mountain road. The Tapoban Mela is celebrated for two days at this wonderful ashram. Public prayers, sacrifices and religious speeches are held at the Tapoban Mahima Ashram. There is a beautiful waterfall at the foot of Tapoban hill. Mahima Ashram is surrounded by dense forests and hills that attract tourists to come here.…

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