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Samibrukhya Hills, Kaptipada, Mayurbhanj

Samibrukhya Hills is located at Debala and is about 63 km distance from Baripada town. Samibrukhya is a vertical rock whose height is about 500 feet. This place is associated with mythology. According to Mythology, the Pandavas along with Draupadi at the time of their Aagyatvas visited this place and hid their weapons in the the branches of this sacred tree. Now this tree is found in Pruthimanikani Hills. There is good communication going to Samibrukhya Hills.  Bhim maces, bows and arrows made of concrete can be seen at the…

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Neulpur Hilltop View Point, Chandikhole, Jajpur

Neulpur hilltop is located at Neulpur and is 5 km distance from Chandikhole Market and 35 km from Jajpur. You can enjoy the beautiful view from the top of the hills during sunrise and sunset. The beauty of the mountain is fantastic. This place is a great place for picnics and photography. There are beautiful roads to climb the Neulpur hill, and from the top of this hill, you can get a view of the entire Chandikhol region. Neulpur Hill Station is a tourist attraction places near Chandikhol, Jajpur. Other Services…

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Balda Cave, Pond & Hill Station, Koraput

Balda Cave is located on a hill surrounded by green forest, 66 km distance from Koraput city. The top of this plateau is said to be flat, where 05 football matches can be played simultaneously. A beautiful pond is on the plain near this BALDA CAVE, which is the most exciting point of the place. Donger Dei is the main deity of the cave worship by the local people.  Balda Maa Nageswari Cave Yatra is celebrated every year in the month of Chaitra, and local pilgrims come here to celebrate…

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Rajgiri Waterfall & Rajagiri Hill Stations, Nayagarh

Rajgiri Waterfall is situated on a hill in the Khandapada Forest Range, and it is about 20 km distance from Khandapada town. This beautiful place is surrounded by lush green forests. The Rajgiri waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in Nayagarh District, whose water is flowing from the top of the hill. After climbing the hill for about 2-3 km, the waterfall is visible. Rajagiri Hill Stations are recognized as Odisha tourism, so a large number of tourists come here in winter. Rajgiri Waterfall is tourist attraction places near…

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