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Khambeswari Waterfall, Kantamunda, Sundargarh

Khambeswari Waterfall is located in Kantamunda of Bamra-Gangpur forest in Sundergarh district. It is about 109 km from Rourkela and 102 km from Sambalpur town. This magnificent waterfall is a natural beauty surrounded by hills and green forests. It is a hidden waterfall, which has to climb a hilly road of about 2 km trek to reach. The water of this Khambeswari waterfall flows through the springs from the top of the Hills. There is no good road to Khambeswari waterfall, so don't take small children to this place.  The…

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Bandhkhaman Waterfall, Rajgangpur, Sundargarh

Bandhkhaman Waterfall is located near Jada, which is one of the largest waterfalls in the Sundargarh district. It is about 30 km from Rajgangpur and 65 km from Rourkela city. Between the deep green forest, red ironstone rocks and the beautiful natural environment are breathtaking. The water of Bandakhman Falls flows through the distant forested hills, which you can see as you approach the falls. This waterfall is best for bathing.  Near Bandhkhaman Waterfall is the best place for picnic and feast. As this waterfall is located near Rourkela city,…

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Tinkuda Waterfall, Tangarpali, Sundargarh

Tinkuda Waterfall is located about 12 km distance from Tangarpali and 22 km from Sundargarh town. The natural environment of the forest and the area around the waterfall is amazing. It is a beautiful place for a picnic in winter. Although this is a small waterfall, it attracts tourists for its beautiful natural environment. There are good communication facilities to reach this waterfall, and you can take a bath here. Tinkuda Picnic spot is a tourist attraction places near Sundargarh, Odisha. Near Tinkuda Waterfall are Gambharidihi Waterfall, Pithabhuin Waterfall and…

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Deodhara Picnic Spot, Rourkela, Sundargarh

Deodhara picnic spot is located on the banks of Brahmani river and is 70 km distance from Rourkela city. The place is full of a natural environment, which is surrounded by green hills with rivers flowing between the hills. Deodarha picnic spot has Parking facilities, a cooking spot, Water and a washroom for visitors. It is a wonderful place where nature lovers can enjoy its beauty, which cannot be described.  The place has all kinds of facilities for bathing apart from a Pindi for partying and a jetty for enjoying…

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