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Luha Khambeswara Shiva Temple, Luha Khamba, Gajapati

Luha Khambeswara Shiva Temple is situated inside a Cave at the top of Luhakhamba Mountain Peak. It is 27 km from R. Udayagiri and around 82 km from Paralakhemundi¬†of the Gajapati district. Lord Shiva is worshipped in an iron incarnation, so he is known as Luha Khambeswar. Karthika Purnima is the main festival of the temple, and devotees come here to watch the Function. To reach Luha Khamba Temple, you have to walk about 6 to 7 km up the…

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Harabhangi Dam & Reservoir Adaba, Gajapati

Harabhangi dam is located about 6 km North-West of Adava, and it is 28 km from Mohana and around 132 km distance from Paralakhemundi. The purpose of the Harabhangi Reservoir is to store water for irrigation. The Harabhangi has surrounded by mountains and green forests. A large number of tourists come here to visit and feast on the Reservoir in the winter. Harabhangi Picnic Spot is a beautiful place to visit nearby the Paralakhemundi.  The place is Attracts tourists to come here in…

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Padmasambhava Mahavihara Monastery, Gajapati

Padmasambhava Mahavihara Monastery is also known as the Thupten Mindrolling monastery located at Jiranga in the Gajapati district. As the main monastery belonging to the Ripa Lineage. It is said to be the largest Buddhist monastery in Eastern India. The Dalai Lama inaugurated it in January 2010. The Chinese invasion and occupation of Tibet in 1959 forced about 85,000 Tibetans, including their religious and political head. The 14th Dalai Lama to seek shelter in India and other places. Then Chandragiri,…

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Gandahathi Waterfall, Gajapati

The Gandahathi Waterfall is located at Gandahati village and is about 30 km from Paralakhemundi and 153 km away from Berhampur. The place is so beautiful of the waters is falling from the canals in between the hills. It is one of the most peaceful and pleasant zones for visitors. It is a Peaceful place, and tourists enjoy bathing. Gandahati is one of the muthas of Paralakhemundi Zamindari. Once upon a time, Elephants used to live in this place, now no more.…

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