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Kaijoda waterfall, Jhumpura, Keonjhar

Kaijoda waterfall is located 4 km distance from Kaijoda village and 51 km from Keonjhar town. The waterfall is about 100 feet high. The waterfall flows between sal, blackberry, mango and asan tree. On the way to Kaijoda Falls, visitors can see green forests, waterfalls, elephants, deer, bears, various reptiles, and other wildlife species. The waterfall is the best place for a picnic where you can feast there. Since this waterfall is a mining area, the road and the area near the waterfalls are muddy on rainy days, so it…

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Sonamuni Jungle Beach, Baitarani, Keonjhar

Sonamuni Jungle Beach is located inside the Sonamuni Jungle and is 3 km distance from Manohar Pur and 73 km from Keonjhar town. Sonamuni Jungle Beach is not a sea beach, the locals call it a beach because of the sand on the river bank. It's a very peaceful and calm place. This place is a great shooting destination, camping place and picnic spot, where you can spend time with your loved ones and family.  This place is best suited for nature lovers who love hill trekking. There are many…

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Patahara Waterfall & Picnic Spot, Keonjhar

Patahara waterfall is located in the Harichandanpur-Telkoi Reserve Forest, and it is about 30 km distance from Maa Tarini Temple, Ghatgaon and 57 km from Keonjhar town. This waterfall flows between two hills. Colourful foliage, flower, dense forest and chirping of birds make this place more attractive. This beautiful waterfall can be seen from the top of Chandragiri mountain.  In winter, it is a good place for a weekend picnic near Patahara waterfall and mountain peak. As this waterfall is located near Maa Ghatgaon Tarini Temple, this place is visited…

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Gurubeda Picnic Spot, Joda, Keonjhar

Gurubeda Picnic Spot is located at the Bank of river Baitarani and is a 9 km distance from Joda. Gurubeda Picnic Spot is surrounded by dense forest on both sides. The place attracts tourists to come here in winter for a beautiful natural environment. It is a good place for a weekend picnic in the winter season. Tourists can enjoy bathing in this place. Gurubeda Picnic place is one of the best tourist places in Keonjhar, Odisha. Other Services Destination Attractions, Destination Facilities, Transportation, Accessibility, How to Reach Nearest Bus Stop The…

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