Dhyankud Jagannath Temple, Jagatsinghpur

Dhyankud(Dhankud) Jagannath Temple is situated about 15 km away from Jagatsinghpur Town. It is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Jagannath and located on the bank of the Devi river. The temple is an important pilgrimage destination for many Hindu traditions, as Puri Lord Jagannath. Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra are worshipped in this temple. It is said that the Panchasakas was meditating in this place. That is why their idols are seen under a tree at the entrance of this temple. The temple is famous for its Beautiful Architecture. Thousands of visitors are Coming to the shrine for panoramic views of the temple. Dhyankud temple is a tourist place in Jagatsinghpur District.