Chandrashekhar Mahadev Temple, Kapilash Hill, Dhenkanal

Chandrashekhar Temple Mahadev temple has situated on the top of the hill called Kapilash hill and 25 km from Dhenkanal Town. The hill is about 1500 feet high from the ground. The hill is surrounding by dense forest and overlooking the river Mahanadi of Cuttack city. Lord Chandrasekhar is 600 feet and belongs to the 14 century AD. The temple was constructed during the king of Narshima Dev II of the Ganga dynasty and was completed in the year 1335-1336 AD. There are 1352 running steps to the temple of facility the travellers besides the motorable road.

There are two temples to the east Chandrasekhar temple at a higher altitude named Viswanath and Narayan. The spring water flows out through the right foot on Narayan looks very beautiful and Amazing. Shivratri is the main festival of Kapilash large number of pilgrims gathers here on the day occasion. Besides, Deer Park and Science Park are two other attractions of this place. Kapilash Hill is one of the best tourist places in Dhenkanal