Sakhigopal Temple, Satyabadi, Puri

Sakhigopal temple is 20 km away from puri on the way to Bhubaneswar. The life-size image of Lord Krishna is known as Sakhigopal. The Temple is formally known as Satyabadi Gopinatha. As per the Historical reference, God Gopal is the incarnation of Lord Krishna. Gopal comes from Brundaban to adduce witnesses in a dispute among two Brahmins and stayed back inside a beautiful Bakul and Chhuriana grove at Sakhigopal. The main festivals of temple are AnlaNabami, Dolapurnima,ChandanYatra, Kartika Purnami. A school was founded by Utkalmani Pandit Gopabandhu Das here, which reminds the spirit of the freedom movement in India and the past deeds of the then youth. It is the most famous spot of Odisha for cocoanut production. Sakhigopal temple is a famous temple in Puri District.