Swapneswar Temple, Sorna, Bargarh

Swapneswar temple has located in Sorna village. It is 35 km away from the Bargarh district headquarters. It was built during the Kingship of Ajit Singh in Sambalpur under the supervision of Dewan Dakshinray. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity of the place. There is a big pond in front of the temple covering an area of 6 acres. Mahashivratri is the famous festival of this place. 

The Barada Balunkeswara temple is one of the Ashtashambhu temples in western Odisha. The 8 Asta-Sambhu Shiva Temples such as Bimaleswar Temple at Huma (Sambalpur), Kedarnath Temple at Ambabhona (Bargarh), Baidyanath Temple at Deogaon (Bargarh), Balunkeswar Temple at Gaisama (Bargarh), Mandhata Baba Temple at Maneswar (Sambalpur), Swapneswar Temple at Sorna (Bargarh), Visweswar Temple at Soranda (Bargarh), Nilakantheswar Temple at Nilji (Bargarh)