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Chakra Tirtha Temple, Puri

Chakratirtha temple is situated towards the northern end of Puri town and at a distance of 3 kilometres from the Lord Jagannath temple. It is located on the right side of Chakratirtha Road the fisherman village. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Nrusingha. Local people have known this temple in various names like Chakra Narasimha Temple, Chakra Nrusingha Temple and Chakra Narayana Temple. At this temple, a large Chakra, the divine weapon of Lord Visnu or Jagannath, is being…

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Astaranga Sea Beach, Nimapada, Puri

Astaranga Sea beach is 31 km from Nimapada and about 67 km form Puri. Astaranga is an identified Tourist centre of Puri District. It is famous for its excellent sea beach, Fish & salt trading centre. Astarang means the colourful sunset. It lies on the coast of the Bay of Bengal and is famous for its lovely and long sandy beach. It attracts lots of visitors to enjoy the natural scenery of the beach. The Sunset site of Astaranga beach is incredible for tourists.…


Barala Balunkeswar Temple, Puri

Baba Barala Balunkeswar Temple is situated 25 km distance from Puri. Baral Balunkeswar Pitha is famous for its Lord Shiva Shrine named Sri Baral Balunkeswar Dev. As the legend says in Tretayayuga. This place was surrounded by dense forest, and it was the Ashram place of Bhrugu Muni. During the exile of Sri Rama Chandra, Laxman & Mata Sita has visited this place, Prabhu Sri Rama Chandra had placed Shiva Lingam in the sand under a Banyan tree. So this…

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Pir Jahania, Astaranga, Puri

The Shrine of Pir Mukudan Jahania Jahagast a Muslim saint is located near Astarang on the Beach. It is about 67 km distance from Puri Jagannath temple and 83 km from Cuttack. According to history, in the sixteenth century, Muslim saints came to India with their disciples from Baghdad, and after coming to Bengal, he came to Odisha. After visiting many places, he eventually stayed near Astaranga, and the place was renamed Pir Jahania. Both Hindus & Muslims offer worship at the…


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