Chakra Tirtha Temple, Puri

Chakratirtha temple is situated towards the northern end of Puri town and at a distance of 3 kilometres from the Lord Jagannath temple. It is located on the right side of Chakratirtha Road the fisherman village. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Nrusingha. Local people have known this temple in various names like Chakra Narasimha Temple, Chakra Nrusingha Temple and Chakra Narayana Temple. At this temple, a large Chakra, the divine weapon of Lord Visnu or Jagannath, is being worshipped in water in the sanctum sanctorum made of black granite with a statue of Lord Narayan at the centre, known as Chkranarayana.

The form of Abhaya Nrusingha represents Sri Balabhadra. The form of Chakra Nrusingha represents Goddess Subhadra and the form of Laxmi Nrusingha represents Lord Jagannath. In Puranas, the first three gods of the universe, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswar have also found expression in the forms of Chakra Nrusingha, Laxmi Nrusingha and Abhaya Nrusingha respectively.

It is believed by local people that once there was a cyclone in Puri and the Neelachakra the wheel at top of Jagannath Temple. It is displaced from its location, flown across the sky and finally fell at Chakratirtha. It is also believed that the ‘Daru’ divine log of wood for the creation of deities of Lord Jagannath temple during Navakalebar touched the ground at Chakratirtha for the first time coming through the sea. Chakratirtha has another spiritual significance as the abode of Goddess Mahalaxmi’s father is situated here. Chakratirtha temple has a close association with Puri Lord Jagannath and every year the Agnyamala from Lord Jagannath comes to Lord Nrusingha. Narasimha Janma festival is observed in this temple with great devotion. (Source)