Malayagiri Hill, Mountain Peak, Angul

Malayagiri is a mountain peak in the Malayagiri hills. It has located near Pal Lahara town in the district of Anugul of Odisha. Malayagiri mountain is one of the Best Hill Stations In Odisha. At 1,187 metres, it is the third highest mountain in Odisha, followed by Deomali 1672 meters and 1501 meters high Mahendragiri, and is also the 3rd Highest Peak Of Odisha is Malayagiri mountain.

The Malayagiri mountain is also known as Malyagiri. The natural beauty and thick forest attract visitors to come here. Malayagiri is the pride of Angul. With misty clouds around you and a cold breeze piercing your body, trekking at this highest peak will give you some memorable moments, that one would love to treasure for life. The time of sunrise and sunset is charming and enjoyable. It is a great pleasure to watch Mountain Point stand up and see the views of many nearby hills.  Malayagiri mountain peak is one of the best Tourist places in Angul, Odisha.