Giriswar Mahadev Temple & Khuludi Waterfall, Angul

The Khuludi waterfall is situated 92 km away from Angul and 185 from Bhubaneswar. The Malyagiri Mountain range of Pallahara Subdivision houses a dazzling waterfall near the village Khuludi. The spectacular jump of the waterfall from the hilltop and paying deference to Lord Giriswar temple is located at a distance of 20 Km from Pallahara. It is a famous spot for group picnics and relaxation. The tourist can enjoy the superb scenery of Sunset and sunrise and the eternal beauty of nature is breathtaking here. It’s a very nice place to visit and plan for your picnic spot. Here is the place where the water is falling on a plane surface so that you can stand under the waterfall and enjoy its cooling and soothing nature, even if you visit here in summer, you can enjoy the cold and fresh air and waterfall. The Girshwar temple and Khuludi waterfall are the Best tourist place in Angul District, Odisha