Maa Sureswari Temple, Sonepur, Subarnapur

Maa Sureswari temple is situated on the banks of Tel River in Sonepur town. The holy seat of Goddess Sureswari the presiding deity of the Subarnapur. It is an ancient seat of yantra, Mantra and Tantra. The legend goes Sri Parsuram worshipped her mother Renuka in name of Maa Sureswari. He killed the Kshetriyas and offered their blood to the holy fire to the yajna he conducted. That Yajna Kunda is now worshipped as the mysterious Khaul Gad. This temple was established during the rule of Somavansi king Raja Achola Singh Deo from 1725 to 1750 AD. The Chouhan rulers of Sonepur. Maa Sureswari temple is a Pancharatharekha Deula stands on a raised platform. Maa Sureswari Mandir is a famous temples in Subarnapur, Odisha.