Sunya Mandap, Kupari, Balasore

The Sunya Mandap (empty mandapa) at Kupari in the Khaira block and about 60 km from Balasore town. It is a Mandapa where thousands of devotees worship the empty spirit without the goddess. Devotees believe that emptiness comes out of the heart of every human being who is revered as a deity. There is a Brahma Sabha in this mandapa, a symbol of the faith of the people. Prabhakar Baba Sanyasi first discovered this mandapa or Brahma. From that day on, Baba used to make a leaf hut here and solve various problems with the service of the people. Also, all diseases are removed in Baba’s prasad. Thousands of devotees from different parts of the state come here on this empty mandapa every year on the Kartik Purnima. It is believed that crores of births are a sin to be seen by boating and visiting the Sunya Mandap.