Chandipur Sea Beach, Baleswar Beaches, Balasore

Chandipur Sea Beach is 16 km from Balasore has one such splendid sea beach but with a unique distinction. Interesting enough. The sea at Chandipur recedes 5 km away from the shore during the ebb and flow to tides. It is also called the Vanishing sea. The cool breeze blowing over the saline sea careless the casuarinas which sway rhythmically making a restyling noise. It is also the best picnic spot which attracts visitors for its beautiful seashore. Chandipur Beach is the most popular tourist place in Baleswar. 

The Chandipur Sea Beach plays hide and seek with the visitors to natural rejoice every moment. Besides the scenic spot at the mouth of the river Budhabalanga where it joins the sea. One can sail up to the place in a fisherman boat to experience the magnificent beauty. The place is 2 km from Balaramgadi and nearby the river Budhabalanga. Another sight of Chandipur is the missile centre a unique feature govt. Of India. The beach is also a top tourist destination in Balasore District.