Laxmannath Mahashay Palace, Jaleswar, Balasore

The Laxmannath Mahashay Palace is situated 5 km away from Jaleswar and 65 km away from Balasore town. The Laxmannath Mahashay Palace was built during the reign of the zamindar. The Shyamsunder temple is inside the Palace. Durga Puja is celebrated here with great pomp every year. People are anxiously awaiting Durga Puja Day to see Palace. In ancient times the landowners lived here in the royal palace. As a result of the Gadajat amalgamation, the practice of zamindar was abolished now the state government take care of this palace. There are also Jagannath Temple and Shiv Temple inside the palace. Laxmannath Mahashay Museum is a popular tourist places in Balasore, Odisha.