Haripur Garh, Baripada, Mayurbhanj

Haripur Gada is only 16 km from Baripada towards the southeast of Mayurbhanja and the old capital of the Kings of Mayurbhanja. Though Haripur Gada now lies in ruins, it is a testimony of the prosperity and elegance of the Mayurbhanj Kingdom during the rule of the ancient Bhanja Kings. The analysis of fragments of the ruins of the fort reveals. The Acumen of the craftsmen in the field of plasterwork. The splendour of the sculptured walls reveals is the mastery of the sculptors of the period. Rasika Ray Temple is the only majestic brick-built temple of Eastern India. The Haripura Gada in its architectural style together with the encompassing temple, provide an interesting case study for a researcher on historical sites and monuments of Mayurbhan. (Source)