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Belgadia Palace, Baripada, Mayurbhanj

Belgadia Palace is situated near Baripada town in the Mayurbhanj district. The palace was Built-in in the 1800s in the Victorian architectural style with elements of Georgian decor, It was envisioned as a property for visiting foreign dignitaries, and guests of the royal family of Mayurbhanj. During the merger of the princely state to the Union of India, the property was titled palace to pay homage to the royal family that moved into it post-independence as their primary residence. Tucked away in the quaint heritage town of Baripada in Mayurbhanj,…

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King Palace & Rajabati, Talcher, Angul

Talcher King Palace is situated on the bank of the river Brahmani. It is around 20 km away from Angul town. Talcher Rajabati One of the oldest King’s Palace in Odisha. This palace is also known as Emperor Sadan Mahal, which was constructed in the 14th century. There is a Lord Jagannath Temple and also a Beautiful Park located near Rajabati. Talcher Rajabati is one of the tourist places in Angul, Odisha. Previous Next

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Sailashree Palace Complex, Rajbati, Balangir

Sailashree Palace Complex is situated in Balangir city and is 3.5 km distance from the Balagir railway station. The Palace Complex also known as the Balangir Palace. This palace is belonging to the Royal Family of Balangir. There is a Beautiful Shiva Temple also present in the Palace Complex. The Sailashree Palace complex is opened to the public only on Kartik Purnima. Balangir palace was built and ruled by Raja Rajendra Narayan Singh. Sailashree Palace Complex is one of the famous King palace in Odisha. Previous Next Other Services Destination Attractions, Destination Facilities, Transportation, Accessibility,…

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Badakotha Old Buildind, Kendrapara

Badakotha is an old building near the Kendrapara bus stand. It used to be the only 2-floor building in Radhashyam Narendra. Badakotha is a legendary monument named so due to its hugeness and first in the State of Odisha. More than three hundred years back King Narendra s Palace front elevation was called Badakotha. River Gobari passes in the front side of the building and in the backside, a stream of water called Madhusagar which is now dried up was passing. The other two sides were covered with high walls.…


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