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Haripur Garh, Baripada, Mayurbhanj

Haripur Gada is only 16 km from Baripada towards the southeast of Mayurbhanja and the old capital of the Kings of Mayurbhanja. Though Haripur Gada now lies in ruins, it is a testimony of the prosperity and elegance of the Mayurbhanj Kingdom during the rule of the ancient Bhanja Kings. The analysis of fragments of the ruins of the fort reveals. The Acumen of the craftsmen in the field of plasterwork. The splendour of the sculptured walls reveals is the…

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Jatan Nagar Palace, Dhenkanal

The Jatan Nagar Palace is located at a distance of 5 km from Dhenkanal town. It is An Old Palace in Dhenkanal with lots of history & myth. While Raja Sri Shankar Pratap Singh Deo Mahindra Bahadur was in England, his younger brother, Pattaya Nrusingha Pratap Singh Deo was ruling over Dhenkanal. He built his 100-room palace at Jatan Nagar. The name of the palace is based on the name of Queen Jatna Devi. This palace is situated on a small…

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Deogarh Palace, Rajabati, Deogarh

The Deogarh palace was built by Raja Sir Basudeb Sudhal Deb in the year 1896. It remains in the use of the former royals of the Ganga dynasty. The Deogarh Rajabati is a huge structure and within its walls are located the royal residential quarters, recreation hall, residential offices, storehouses, guest accommodation, art and artefact gallery, library, the Parishad Hall, Rani Mahal, royal kitchen. The old magazine room for storing armoury and ammunition, secret chambers for storage of treasure and…

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Basanta Nivas , Deogarh

Basanta Palace (Nivas) is located in the serene surrounding of the Padhanpat hills near Deogarh Town. The Nivas has built by Raja Satchidananda Tribhuban Deb in the year 1910. The architectural design is similar to that of Basant Nivas. A visit obtains a better view of the valley. The town below from its balustrade fenced foreground. Accommodation is limited to only one suite Basanta Niwas was used by visitors, who preferred quiet and isolation from the din and bustle of…

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