Badakotha Old Buildind, Kendrapara

Badakotha is an old building near the Kendrapara bus stand. It used to be the only 2-floor building in Radhashyam Narendra. Badakotha is a legendary monument named so due to its hugeness and first in the State of Odisha. More than three hundred years back King Narendra s Palace front elevation was called Badakotha. River Gobari passes in the front side of the building and in the backside, a stream of water called Madhusagar which is now dried up was passing. The other two sides were covered with high walls. The structure is a huge two-storied building with having pair of rooms on two sides. A passage in the middle of the building is 40 feet long and 15 feet in width both at the top and ground.

The Kendrapara Badakotha building has a front-side portico and a back-side portico. Each room is 500 square feet. The Badakotha height of the building is 40 feet with a curved staircase. The thickness of the wall is 40 inches. On each side, porticos are rested on round pillars. In total the structure stands at 5000 square feet area. After the passing of time, many parts of the system were destroyed yet the shadow still exists. Among all the tourist places in this region, Badakotha is one of them. Now also old and very old men used to come to witness Badakotha and pay respect to the elegant structure as a mark of honour to king Narendra s dynasty. Badakotha s stones bricks and limes are silent evidence of king Radhasyam Narendra s efficacy whom people regarded as equal to God. Source