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Sailashree Palace Complex, Rajbati, Balangir

Sailashree Palace Complex is situated in Balangir city and is 3.5 km distance from the Balagir railway station. The Palace Complex also known as the Balangir Palace. This palace is belonging to the Royal Family of Balangir. There is a Beautiful Shiva Temple also present in the Palace Complex. The Sailashree Palace complex is opened to the public only on Kartik Purnima. Balangir palace was built and ruled by Raja Rajendra Narayan Singh. Sailashree Palace Complex is one of the famous King palace in Odisha. Previous Next Other Services Destination Attractions, Destination Facilities, Transportation, Accessibility,…

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Gandhamardhan Hills & Parbat, Balangir

Gandhamardhan Hills is a hill located between Balangir and Bargarh district of Odisha. These hills are known for medicinal plants which are not found anywhere else Gandhamardan Parvat is the Best Hill station in Odisha. There is a Bauxite reserve that is planned for exploration by the state government through a private venture. This hill also has a lot of historic importance as it was once a seat of Buddhist culture. To date, many ruins are found on the plateau at the hilltop. According to Hindu theology, Lord Hanuman carried this…


Dhabaleswar Temple, Kumuda Pahad, Balangir

Dhabaleswar Temple is situated at the foot of Kumuda(pahada) Mountain, it is just 0.5 k.m. distance from the Titilagarh town. This place is a natural splendorous place of great tourism interest. As its name suggests, it is a hilly area where Lord Dhabaleswar is embodied in a big natural spacious cave measuring an area of 80 feet by 40 feet. There are also 3 other caves nearby. The temple is just 40 feet above the hill. It is a small temple in its kind but the most famous temple in…

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Bhima Dunguri Caves & Hills, Bhim Pahad, Balangir

Bhima Dunguri cave is located on top of the Bhim Pahad, and it is about 28 km distance from Balangir town. Lord Parshuram and Shiva are worshiped in a cave on this Bhim Dunguri hill. It has been attributed with a special place in the tourism map of the Balangir district. Its splendorous natural bounty & beauty are encircled by evergreen forest. Bhima Dunguri is famous for its ancient natural caves which are lying scattered at different places of the hilly area. BhimaDunguri Caves is one of the most popular…

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