Bhima Dunguri Caves & Hills, Bhim Pahad, Balangir

Bhima Dunguri cave is located on top of the Bhim Pahad, and it is about 28 k.m away from Balangir town. Lord Parshuram and Shiva are worshiped in a cave on this Bhim Dunguri hill. It has been attributed with a special place in the tourism map of the Balangir district. Its splendorous natural bounty & beauty are encircled by evergreen forest. Bhima Dunguri is famous for its ancient natural caves which are lying scattered at different places of the hilly area. Bhima Dunguri Caves is one of the most popular tourist places in Balangir

The panoramic view of this area is unparallel during the spring season, so many kinds of tourists are enchanted here due to its beautiful landscape. Local people here celebrate Girigobardhan Puja during the month of Kartika Purnima every year with great pomp and gaiety. Side by side a Mela and Sankirtan are also organized on this auspicious occasion. Bhima Dunguri Hill is the best picnic spot in Balangir District. (Source)