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Akshar Shila Rock, Deogarh

The Aksharsila rock inscription has been deciphered by Bamenda, Bichhitra Srayana and Bichitra Bhusanashya. The most ancient of the historical relics is the Aksharsila rock inscription. It has generated considerable interest among antiquarians and historiographers. The script of the Inscription has believed to be pre-Brahmi. It is near contemporary of the Bikramkhol rock inscription of the Jharsuguda district. (Source)


Vikramkhol Cave Inscription, Bikramkhol, Jharsuguda

Vikramkhol Cave Inscription is located 12 km from Belpahar. It is about 35 km away from Jharsuguda. In this inaccessible dense forest Ancient people lived surviving on fruits, roots and animal meat. During 4000 BC, there was an evolution of human civilization in the region and a script was developed by them. There is some ancient script engraved on the wall of Bikramkhol and also paintings of animals. Circular holes have been dug in the wall where weapons, dresses and…


Potagarh Fort, Potagada, Berhampur, Ganjam

The fort of Potagarh was the first Collectorate complex of Ganjam. Later on, it was shifted to Berhampur in 1815 and subsequently to Chhatrapur in 1835, where it is continuing till today. Potager or the “buried fort” is named as such since it is buried. It is situated at present near a village named Ganjam between 180 15′ and 200 15’N. Latitude and 830 49′ and 850 15′ E. Longitude on the fort of Potagarh was the first Collectorate complex…


Bhima Dunguri Caves & Hills, Bhim Pahad, Balangir

Bhima Dunguri cave is located on top of the Bhim Pahad, and it is about 28 k.m away from Balangir town. Lord Parshuram and Shiva are worshiped in a cave on this Bhim Dunguri hill. It has been attributed with a special place in the tourism map of the Balangir district. Its splendorous natural bounty & beauty are encircled by evergreen forest. Bhima Dunguri is famous for its ancient natural caves which are lying scattered at different places of the…


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