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Chudanga Gada Fort, Baranga, Bhubaneswar

The Chudanga Garh fort was one of the historical forts of Toshali. This old fort is located at Dadha Patna near the Baranga railway station and 19km from the capital city. The Gada had attained its peak of fame during the reign of the Ganga Kings. Among the five important forts, Varanasi, Choudwar, Amaravati, Jajpur and Chudanga or Saranga Cuttack of Chodaganga Dev, the last one was the strongest fort at that time. Now this ruined fort is surrounded by the Chandaka reserve forest from the south, north and west,…

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Sisupalgarh Fort, Bhubaneswar, Khordha

Sisupalgarh fort is situated on the bank of river Gangua. It is only 3 km distance from Bhubaneswar. The main attraction of this place is the Iconic Pillars which are very old. The place is renowned for its historical importance. The excavation works of Sishupalgarh contain ancient ruins belonging to a different civilisation. Now there is nothing left of the place except an intricate wall, which reminds us that it was probably the capital of King Sishupal Keshari. Sisupalgarh Fort is a tourist attraction places near Bhubaneswar, Odisha.  The first…

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Akshar Shila Rock Inscription, Deogarh

The Aksharsila rock inscription has been deciphered by Bamenda, Bichhitra Srayana and Bichitra Bhusanashya. The most ancient of the historical relics is the Aksharsila rock inscription. It has generated considerable interest among antiquarians and historiographers. The script of the Inscription has believed to be pre-Brahmi. It is near contemporary of the Bikramkhol rock inscription of the Jharsuguda district. (Source)

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Vikramkhol Cave Inscription, Bikramkhol, Jharsuguda

Vikramkhol Cave Inscription is located 12 km distance from Belpahar. It is about 35 km away from Jharsuguda. In this inaccessible dense forest Ancient people lived surviving on fruits, roots and animal meat. During 4000 BC, there was an evolution of human civilization in the region and a script was developed by them. There is some ancient script engraved on the wall of Bikramkhol and also paintings of animals. Circular holes have been dug in the wall where weapons, dresses and other articles of use were being kept suspended. Even…

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