Dhabaleswar Temple, Kumuda Pahad, Balangir

Dhabaleswar Temple is situated at the foot of Kumuda Mountain, it is just 0.5 k.m. away from the Titilagarh town. This place is a natural splendorous place of great tourism interest. As its name suggests, it is a hilly area where Lord Dhabaleswar is embodied in a big natural spacious cave measuring an area of 80 feet by 40 feet. There are also 3 other caves nearby. The temple is just 40 feet above the hill. It is a small temple in its kind but the most famous temple in this area due to its religious essence. A great number of visitors visit this temple as Lord Dhabaleswar is very benevolent and merciful to the visitors. Thousands of visitors pay a visit to the temple during the month of Shravana and Shivaratri.

The essence of the place is significant due to the existence of Lord Shree Ram Temple in its vicinity. The landscape of the hill is beautified due to the small reservoir on the top of the hill. There is also a reservoir covering a large area where water sports activities can be done. This is an ideal place for weekend leisure tourists. (Source)