Maa Pataneswari Temple, Balangir

Pataneswari Temple is situated 38 km away from Balangir. Pataneswari is the presiding deity of the Patangarh goddess. Pataneswari is worshipped not by Brahmin Pujak but by Khetriya belongs to the old royal family. Durgapuja & Danda yatra is the main festival of Devi Pataneswari Temple. It is a Tantrik Pitha and the origin of Sabaritantra in Odisha in the 9th Century AD. Previously it was the ancient capital of the kingdom of Patna. The temple of Patneswar, Samaleswari in Chalukyan style but the Someswar Siva temple belongs to the 12 century AD and its monuments. The reminiscences of the earliest group of the temple the Chouhan rule in western Odisha began from this place.