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Chandikhol Chandi Temple, Chandikhole, Jajpur

Chandi Temple is situated on top of the Barunei Hill in Chandikhole and is about 40 km away from Jajpur town. Goddess Chandi Presiding Deity of the Temple. The place has been named by late monk Baba Bhairabananda Bramhachari. The temple is cover with Forest and Hills. The Place is attracting thousands of visitors and Pilgrimages for its Panoramic Picturesque as this temple. This temple is one of the top destinations for tourists and devotees. Chandikhol Chandi Mandir is popular famous Temple in Jajpur District.  (Source) Previous Next

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Kusuma Pond & Park, Jajpur

The beautiful Kusuma Pond & Park is located beside the Jajpur town near District Headquarters. Kusuma Pond has become one of the most beautiful locations in the middle of town, and It has spread over 27 acres was given a phenomenal transformation by Jajpur Municipality. There is a large swimming pool inside the Kusuma Park campus where visitors can enjoy the boating, and the price is Rs 50. Kusuma Pramod Udyan is the best place for photography near Jajpur Town.  Kusuma Park and pond is one of the best parks in Odisha. It…

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Gokarneswar Temple, Jamubania, Jajpur

Gokarneswar Temple has situated 1 km away from Jaraka and around 28 km away from Jajpur town. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity of the place. It has located at the bank of the Brahmani river. It is one of the oldest and ethnic temples of Odisha. Throughout the year devotees from different parts of Odisha come here to worship Lord Mahadev and Mahashivratri is the famous festival of this temple Previous Next

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Ashokjhar Waterfall, Sukinda, Jajpur

The famous tourist place Ashokjhar Waterfall is situated around 8 km from Sukinda, and it is about 65 distance km from Jajpur Town. The beautiful waterfall stream flows from the top of the hill. This waterfall originates from the roots of an Ashoka Tree, so this place is called Ashoka Jhar. To reach the waterfall, you have to go up the hill for about 2-3 km. It is the best place for trekking near Jajpur. There are Pindi for vehicle Parking and cooking Pindi's facility near the Sukinda waterfall. The waterfall is…

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