Koteswar Shiva Temple & Kotekeshwar hill, Ganjam

Kotekeshwar hill is located at Bardhangidi on the border of the Sorda and Dharakot blocks in the Ganjam district. There are many small and large caves on the mountain where the locals worship Lord Shiva in the name of the god of Koteshwar.In front of the Koteshwar cave is a statue of a snake and a statue of Ganesha. Every Monday, Sankranti and Mahashivratri, locals devotees come here to worship. Koteswar Shiva Gumpha is a famous temple in Ganjam.

History of Koteshwar Mahadev Temple

Odisha has many heritage sites that have not yet been recognized as tourist attractions. But the locals believe that there are some legends of the Puranas about the place. It is believed that the sages lived here many years ago and worshipped the deities. For a long time, people stopped coming here, and as a result, the area became full of dense forests. Later, a Brahmin from the local village of Singipur, ascending the mountain holding the temple priest and his associates, saw many small and large caves on this mysterious hill and also found many god idols. Kotekeshwar hill is a tourist attraction in Ganjam, Odisha.