Nayakpada Cave, Boudh

Nayakpada Cave is located at the top of the hill, and it is 10 km from Boudh city. This cave is associated with mythology. Once upon a time, this cave was the ashram of saddhus. The forest here is rich in different types of flora and fauna. According to a story in the Madala dynasty and some historical evidence, during the reign of Emperor Sovan Dev, the Javanese king Raktabahu attacked Shrikshetra Puri. The apprehension of damage to deity Lord Sri Jagannath. They believed that Sri Jagannath (Purushottam) was Parama Vishnu and undergrounded (Patali), who believed in Vaishnavism and worshipped Lord Nilamadhaba at Gandharadi, took away the deities to Dhritipura under their territory.

That is why in addition to Lord Parshuram, idols of Radhakrishna and Ram Sita can be seen in this cave. On the way to the cave, you can see Hanuman idols, Ganesh idols, Durga idols and a beautiful park. Nayakpada Cave is known as Patali Sri kshetra of Boudh. The Attracts tourists to come here in winter for a beautiful natural environment. Nayakpada Cave is one of the tourist places in Boudh, Odisha.