District Museum, Boudh

District Museum is located near the Collector office Of Boudh. As old as the glorious history of Boudh is concerned, the history, art, culture, literature, and monuments of the district housed in the district museum are as vivid as ever. The 100-year-old building, built by a Boudh king, was converted into a district museum a year ago. The Museum was inaugurated by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on the 27th Foundation Day of the Boudh. 

The museum is divided into various sections. These include the royal chambers, the terracotta, the coins and the archives department, the Charu and Charu Kala chambers, the tourist chambers, the famous personalities, the tribal chambers, the handicrafts, the scriptures, the canopy, the old archives. In addition, there are memorials to the time of King instrument, including the district, art and culture, handicrafts, ancient artefacts, rare items of the king’s reign, handicrafts and crafts of the District, art and culture, Ancient books, documents, photographs and books. Signs have been put up in various languages ​​to help Visitors learn about the Museum. Boudh District museum is a tourist attraction places in Boudh, Odisha.

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