Baba Jhadeswar Temple, Purunabasti, Jharsuguda

Jhadeswar Shiva temple has located about 1 km from the Jharsuguda Railway station. There is a self appearing Sivalingam here, the actual age of which is unknown. Jhadeswar temple is an ancient Shiva temple of Odisha. According to history, Shiva Lingam was worshipped in a hut made of leaves during the reign of Govind Singh Jaminder of Jharsuguda. In 1916 a Gujarati contractor named Mulju Jagmal erected a small temple here. The Jamindar of Jharsuguda arranged Savayats for daily worship and donated agricultural lands for the maintenance of the temple and puja.

In addition to Lord Shiva, Maa Durga temple, Hanuman temple, pond and a beautiful park are located inside the Jhadeswar templeMahashivratri is the main festival of the temple, which attracts a large number of devotees. Jhadeswar mandir is one of the tourist places in Jharsuguda.