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Babadera Cave, Pakelpada, Jharsuguda

Babadera Cave is located at the foothills between Bhaibahen Hill and Budhikuten Hill near Pakelpada and is about 45 km distance from Jharsuguda city. According to history, many years ago a saint used to meditate in this Cave. Every day the saints conduct spiritual ceremonies in the Cave in which nearby villagers come and participate. Therefore, it was later named Babadera Cave. According to locals, the Bavadera cave is located in the forest and was home to many wild animals, which are believed to have killed the saint. Near Bhaibahen…

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Bhalu Dumri, Maheswari Temple, Lakhanpur, Jharsuguda

Bhalu Dumri is a small island located inside the Hirakud Reservoir near Lakhanpur. It is around 52 km from Jharsuguda town. There are two small islands within the Mahanadi River where tourists come here for a picnic by boat. Maa Maheswari temple has situated inside the Hirakud Reservoir at Mura. It is a Submerged Temple of Hirakud Dam. The temple is submerged in water most of the year. Bhalu Dumri Island is one of the tourist places in Lakhanpur, Jharsuguda. Previous Next

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Hatianala Dam, Barjha Dam, Jharsuguda

Hatianala Dam is a minor irrigation project located at Dudukabahal, and It is 42 km from Jharsuguda town. The Dam has surrounded by small mountains. The beautiful natural environment attracts visitors to come here. Hatianala Dam is the best tourist place in Jharsuguda, Odisha The Barjha dam has located at Deopali and is 60 km from Jharsuguda Town. Local tourists come here for picnics. The Dam is made for the storage of water for farming purposes. Barjha dam is a tourist and picnic spot in Jharsuguda. Popular Tourist Attractions Places…

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Lal Pathar Waterfall, Belpahar, Jharsuguda

Lal Pathar waterfall is located at Girindola, and it is 7 km from Belpahar and is 29 km from District headquarter of Jharsuguda. The waterfall is surrounded by jungle. This place is called the Lal Patthar because the side of the river is covered with red rock. Lal Pathar is one of the picnic sopt near Jharsuguda. The water of this waterfall is flowing through the forest. Many tourists come to visit this waterfall in the winter. Lal Pathar waterfall is one of the most popular tourist places in the Jharsuguda…

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