Gokulananda Temple, Sidhamula, Nayagarh

The Gokulananda temple is located at Sidhamula village,  and it is about km from Nayagarh town and 22 km from Khandapada. The temple is situated at the Bank of River Mahanadi and is a suitable place for a picnic. Late Sri Baba Swami Ram Laxman Dash Maharaja found this temple. There is a Vishnu mandir located at the top of that mountain. It is nice to watch the scenic view of the hill and the flowing water of Mahanadi from the hill as well as from Sidhamula bridge. There is an Eco-tourism centre on the top of the hill. Many people come here to see the scenic beauty of this spot and for a picnic in winter. Gokulananda temple is the best tourist place in Nayagarh, Odisha.