Kuanria Dam, Dasapalla, Nayagarh

The Kuanria Dam is 7 km away from Daspalla town, and it is located near Odasar village and about 50 km from Nayagarh. A beautiful Dam flanked by blue hillocks and a 1.5 km long dam over River Kuanria. It is a medium irrigation project and a water reservoir. The natural beauty of the Dam can be enjoyed in the time of sunrise and sunset. There is also a Deer park having more than a hundred spotted deers adds to its attraction. The dam has a viewpoint for tourists that one can see the full view of the dam. The serene beauty of the hills, river, forests and deer park attracts visitors during winter. The Kuanria Reservoir is one of the popular Tourist places of Nayagarh, Odisha.