Hadagarh Dam & Wildlife Sanctuary, Keonjhar

The Hadagada Dam is 35 km away from Anandapur and 122 km from Keonjhar Town. The Hadagarh Reservoir has built on the Salandi River and is located on is the side of the Hadagarh Wildlife Sanctuary. The Salandi Dam encompasses a massive water source for the area for irrigation purposes. A splendorous natural environment with a high mountain range is beautiful. The reservoir is eye-catching for Natural lovers. It is an ideal place for picnickers and holidayers around the year. The scenic beauty of the Place and flowing stream offers some picnic spots attracting visitors throughout the year. A Hadagarh zero point, Hadgarh guest house has been built for tourists near the Dam. Chakratirtha temple has situated inside the Hadgarh wildlife sanctuary. The Salandi Dam is one of the best tourist places in Keonjhar, Odisha.