Handibhanga Waterfall, Keonjhar

The Handibhanga Waterfall is just 45 km away from Keonjhar town. It is a waterfall and has good picnic spots. For the pious, there is the Vishnu temple. The shrines of Siddha Jagannath and Siddha Kali at Siddha Matha and the Panchabati embellishing its picturesque setting. It is one of the most famous and attractive picnic spots for tourists. Handibhanaga waterfall has situated in a picturesque natural environment amidst the lush green forest with an up rolling mountain range. The nearby area is a reserve of rich biodiversity & ecology. Handibhanaga waterfall is a height of 200 feet high mesmerizes the visitors for this stunning landscape. The beauty of the spot attracts picnickers & weekend holidayers alike. Handibhanga Waterfall is the best waterfall and tourist place in Keonjhar, Odisha (Source)