Kushaleswar Shiv Temple, Deogaon, Keonjhar

Kushaleswar Temple is situated 15 km from Anandapur and 90 km from Keonjhar Town. Lord Kushaleswar is the presiding deity of the place. The temple is placed on the bank of the river Kusei. The temple of Kushaleswara was built circa 900 AD. It is a famous centre of pilgrimage. Even now a 5 feet high image of Avalokeswar stands here as a reminiscence of the Buddhist activities in the past. Another important mountains of the place are the stone embankment of the river which is the second of its kind in the state. Maha Sivaratri is the main festival of this Temple. Thousands of devotees come here every year to watch the festival. Kushaleswar Shiv Mandir is a famous temple in Keonjhar District.