Olive Ridley, Turtles Nesting, Rushikulya, Ganjam

Rushikulya is located on the Bay of Bengal in Ganjam. It is one of the most prominent places for olive ridley mass nesting, where female turtles arrive on the beach to make their nests and lay their eggs. The breeding time for turtles is from November to May, which time turtles are mating, nesting, and hatching. Olive Ridley turtles usually nest during nighttime. The Odisha Government and the Rushikulya Sea Turtle Protection Committee have taken several steps to secure the turtles are conserved during the period. Odisha is the largest mass nesting site for Oliver Ridleys in the world. The Olive Ridley turtles move across the South Pacific to breed on the coast of Rushikulya. Million of Olive Ridley turtles visit the beach during mass nesting every year. Rushikulya sea beach is one of the most popular tourist palces in Berhampur, Odisha