Taptapani Hot Spring, Ganjam

Taptapani Hot Spring is situated at a distance of 18 km from Mohana and 50 from away from Berhampur Town. The Sulphur spring at this place is very Charming during winter. The natural sights are surrounding by green hills, and the dense forest looks very beautiful. The water of the spring is medicinally used to the barren woman for the blessing child. Taptapani Hot water is more good for skin problems. Taptapani spring is one of the most popular Picnic spot in Ganjam

There is a temple of Goddess Kuchinda in which the surrounded water is boiling the whole year in natural condition. Therefore, one the above days a large number of people gets a dip in the spring water. There is a Govt. Panthanivas has located near Taptapani. The natural scenery of this place is attractive and enjoyable for the visitors. Taptapani hot spring is the best tourist place in Ganjam, Odisha.